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Steemit Cheatsheet and BONUS

Hey, This is Rob! It’s crypto currency talk. Oh no, not that. Hey, it’s cool. I’ve got you a next nothing way for you to get started in crypto and to boot, I’m giving you a cool bonus. What is this product Rob? So there is this crazy site that you can do social media…

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IM Checklist Vol 3 Review + BEST Bonus Bundle

Hey, This is Rob! I really want to go the extra distance today for you, my loyal readers.  I am super stoked about this product.  It’s not everyday that a 7 figure marketer pulls back the curtains and exposes the operation behind his business. That’s what this product is! Kevin Fahey has partnered with Mark…

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Deliverability Check – A funny thing happened on the way to my inbox

Enter the world of the Internet Marketer, where the inbox is your communication channel. Do you know your if your emails are really getting to your potential customers inbox? Check out my recent findings: Let me know what you think in the comments below.            

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What to do when your mom unsubscribes from your email list?

So a funny thing happened today while I was doing email list maintenance….  Let me know what you think in the comments below.    

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Green Screen Video on a Budget

  One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is shoot informational videos but I’ve struggled with locations and background settings.  I know what your thinking, the background isn’t as important as the content.  I agree BUT if you have unusual background settings they can turn into a distraction for your message.   The answer…

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